Facility Management

High standard of office hygiene is essential for a healthy workforce.

This is why it is necessary to invest in effective products that are harmless to the health. Too often, conventional cleaning and disinfecting products are made of hazardous chemicals.

To ensure a clean and safe workplace, the products used must be not only efficient but also “safe” for the workers, the users and the environment. 

Indeed, the ecological and sustainable dimension of consumption has become a priority for the facility management actors.

All are subject to the new regulatory constraints and the new chemical risk prevention plan.

Cleanea solutions are safe, ecological, natural and effective. They help reduce the number of infections spread in offices, eliminating most of the known pathogens (for the full list click here ).

The red and blue solutions are two natural detergents which can replace 80% of the traditional products used in most workplaces. As they are natural and odorless they do not emit VOCs. 

They can be used to clean and disinfect any surfaces without the fear of damaging it. The patented Cleanea's cell produces really pure solutions free from salts. 

Two machines are available:

The Europa V5 

The eklean 50


Those two solutions are on site and on demand. Our machines cells produce as much biocide and alkali solution as you need, using just water, salt and electricity. This brings down significantly the strain on budgets by eliminating the need of storage, the freight of cleaning products, no need to think about container waste disposal, and the staff training is easier as those products are natural and doesn’t require protections.


We are already working with the 10 largest cleaning company in France (Atalian, ISS, Samsic, ).

We also work with the sustainable development or CSR departments of major clients (BNP, Louis Vuiton, Danone, etc…).


If you're interested in a greener way to clean, contact us.

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