Hotels and Restaurants

In the hospitality sector, Hygiene is vital not only for your guest comfort but also their to ensure their safety and prevent the spread of bacteria and infections between the guests or the employees.


Effective products are the prerequisite for an optimal cleaning. The red solution is the first barrier Cleanea propose to protect your guest from harmful bacteria.

The blue and red solutions are obtained by an electrolysis process. They act in minutes and can be used safely on any surface in rooms, common areas or restaurants.

Hypochlorous acid is naturally produced by the human immune system, so it is safe for your customers and can be incorporated into a misting system to simplify and speed up room cleaning.

The sodium hydroxide, which is also the product of the electrolysis process, can be used as a degreaser to clean the room and make it spotless. This natural degreaser can be used in rooms and on all surfaces.


Both solutions can be used in the kitchen to clean and disinfect surfaces.

The red solution can also be used to disinfect foods that present risks of  biological contaminations, such as fruits and greens vegetables.

We bring solutions  to our customers  according to their diverse problems. 

Cleanea's machines are available in two different formats

Europa V5 

EKlean 50

These on-site production machines will fit your needs.

You are a professional looking for an ecological and economical solution for cleaning your establishment? Contact us and tell us about your project.

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